hello world

I created this blog to try to promote myself as an author. I’ve got a ton of personal blogs already, but they’re not quite suited–I’ve got a Tumblr that I honestly mostly use for pictures of David Bowie and cats, I’ve got a Livejournal where I talk about my personal feelings (my many, MANY personal feelings), but who the hell is on Livejournal anymore? And I’ve got a Facebook, but that’s a bit more real life, and I’d like to…well, not necessarily keep my writing and my real life separate, because that can’t be helped, but I’d like to not spam everyone I know who is a third cousin every time I write a dang poem. 

I am: 

Ray W, open mic poet and host of Spirit Spit (facebook.com/thespiritspit), a socially progressive open mic at Spirit of Hope Church in Detroit 

R.W. Whitefield at forbidden-fiction.com, an erotica site with emphasis on supernatural and genre works 

Trying to decide which of these to use as my pen name once I finish that novel. 


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